Playback Festival: Showcasing Films By Bristol’s Young People


With summer coming to an end there is still time to get involved with exciting things happening in Bristol…

Along with over 200 other young filmmakers, my Random Acts film ‘Hairitage’ is going to be shown at the Arnolfini from Friday 18-28th of August as part of the Playback exhibition

If you didn’t know already, Random Acts is a strand of experimental short films linked to Channel 4, funded by the Arts Council – a melting pot of artists, dancers, poets, fashion icons and people with a passion for film.

Being part of Random Acts was an awesome experience, I got to make a short film, learn some of the (many) ropes of filmmaking and make some awesome friends. My initial application idea was very different to the final film, and my ideas changed a lot throughout the process, which I learnt is a big part of filmmaking.

My film is about my experiences as a mixed race young person, primarily surrounding my hair and the politics of afro hair in our world today. I wrote… and re-wrote… and re-wrote a ‘three-minute’ poem, expressing my thoughts, feelings and reflections of this on my life and what my hair means to me and our society. I touch on a lot of stories in my poem, so I used many different visual techniques to illustrate the stories behind the words. I explored this through different camera angles, a drone (flying camera) and a lot of hair and outfit changes, which was a lot of fun.

I got to work with a fantastic team who I had met at the Bristol strand of the BFI Film Academy in 2015, as well as Calling The Shots who host the opportunity in the South West. I felt really lucky to work with a team I trusted and got on so well with. Working with people you trust and who can collectively see the vision you have for your film is very important. I’ve learnt that it takes a collective team effort to capture a story and relay it to the screen.


Having a platform to showcase my work makes me feel really good as an artist and I hope it will inspire other young people to stand up and share their voices and ideas with the world as well. It’s an empowering feeling. The filmmaking community in the South West is definitely expanding, and we want to keep sharing and supporting each other, so come down and see what you can get involved in!

On the opening day of the exhibition, this Friday 18th of August, there will be an opportunity to attend a Random Acts ‘Film as Art’ workshop from 2-4pm (booking details on the Arnolfini website), which will be held again on Thursday 24th of August, this time from 4-6pm. 

Also… the deadline for the final round of the Random Acts opportunity is 20th October, so if you’re between 16-24 and have an idea for a short art film, apply soon.

For more information, go here

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