COMIC: ‘I Think I’m Supposed To Feel Safe In Brown Spaces…’

A new comic from Priyanka explores the life of a queer brown person in Bristol, and the challenges you face.

Here is comic about existence as a queer brown person, specifically, navigating homophobia from straight activists of colour. Also touching on community , loneliness, disappointment, anger and forgiveness. There is no argument, or narrative with a resolved ending, just a non-judgemental exploration of a complicated issue.

Narratives of QTIPOC (queer, trans* and intersex people of colour) are always relevant, as our stories are often invisible or told by white or straight people for us.  Often people and publications of colour go to lengths of complete denial that homophobia exists in communities of colour, in attempts to fight racist stereotyping.

‘I Think I’m Supposed To Feel Safe In Brown Spaces…’

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Are you a QTIPOC with a story to tell? Are you a comics artist who wants to submit something? Let us know: @rifemag

Freedom Youth is a safe and supportive group for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer and/or questioning young people.

Unity Youth Forum is a place for young people from Black and other minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds to have their voices heard.

We were unable to find any local groups specific to QTIPOCs in Bristol, so please do let us know of any you know and we will amend this as soon as possible.