Barker’s Banging Bristol Burgers


Barker takes us on a trip round Bristol looking for the best burgers on the market.

Burgers. Everyone likes em one way or another. But where do you go to find the best burger in Bristol? I took a little walk around town and tried five different burgers at five different burger bars, and the outcome? Well, not what I expected that’s for sure.

In my mind, sitting down for a burger in a restaurant can be scored on three different levels: dankness (how stupidly tasty the burger is), price (well, how much it costs), and speed of service (how quickly it takes the burger to go from the waiters notepad to on my table in front of me).

So here it is, ‘Barker’s Banging Bristol Burgers’:

Thanks to:



Cafe Kino 

The Burger Joint 

and Atomic Burger 

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