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Nine Ways To Fill Your Cupboards On A Budget


Jess, Beth and Char are here with some handy tips for saving money when you head to the supermarket. Cos food. Is. Too. Expensive.

Food’s expensive, right? But we have to eat. And it has to be delicious. But how can we afford good food when it costs so much money? How can we stuff our faces with the good good tasty stuff? Well, with these handy hints, you can eat well without going bankrupt.

  1. 1. Make Your Own Sandwiches

Sandwiches 02

Instead of buying a ready-made sandwich at the shop for £2.25, buy your own loaf of bread and fillings you can make 15 sandwiches for the price of one ready-made one.

2. Make Your Own Tea And Coffee


Don’t buy coffee or tea at a shop, buy a jar of coffee beans and tea bags then you’ll be able to make more coffee and tea for your money. All you need is a reusable cup or mug you can carry around, and you’re saving money on macchiatos and being environmentally-friendly too.

3. Buy A Multipack


If you buy one bag of crisps at the shop or vending machine you are more likely to spend 80p. But you can go to a shop and buy a multipack for a £1.

4. Do Not Buy Ready Meals


Don’t buy ready meals, you can make a meal for the same price and also you can freeze the leftovers and have it in the week.

5. Water


Just drink water, it’s free. And it’s important to stay hydrated.

6. Reduced Food

If you buy reduced food from the shelves where they have the special orange stickers, you can freeze it and have it when you want it.

7. Grow Your Own Food


If you grow your own food everything will be cheaper and you can cook your own foods. You do need a garden, and some seeds, and soil, and time, and the internet for its handy hints, and it does take a while, but there’s nothing more satisfying than munching on tomatoes you grew yourself.

8. Own Brands

If you buy supermarket own brands they are much more cheaper than named brands.

9. Vouchers

Use vouchers to get food cheaper. You can find loads online. Just type in the name of the product or supermarket you want followed by voucher, or discount code, and see what you can find.

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