Labour Need To Wake Up. It’s Time To Act.


Merfyn finds Jeremy Corbyn’s principled stance a comfort in these uncertain times.

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This isn’t a feminist feat at all; we’re entering into hell.

Described as ‘a second Maggie’, it’s my opinion that Theresa May not only is homophobic, anti-feminist and a co-collaborator in war, but is also staunchly against the working class. She will lead us all into a disaster greater than Cameron. We will enter a time reminiscent of the Thatcher years. What will be next? No minimum wage, a repeal of equal marriage, the scrapping of the Human Rights Act (which hasn’t even been ratified for a full 20 years yet) or an attack on women and the mentally ill? Not only do we have someone who is completely against what the people want, but we have an unelected prospective Prime Minister. Let’s face it, it’s finally time to wave off the BBC and the NHS. This isn’t a feminist feat at all; we’re entering into hell.

In a side eye glance, the Labour Party is now falling into complete turmoil because of power hungry career politicians who have no regard to the will of their own party. As leader Jeremy Corbyn said, MPs should work to represent their constituencies, not their careers. Resigned Shadow Cabinet member, Angela Eagle, first ignored her constituency, and then humiliated herself as she destabilised a party that will eventually tear itself apart, all because of a petty coup, before stepping down. A party built for the working class by the working class will now self-destruct as the Opposition, leaving tax-evading Eton elites whilst the rest of the country squanders in the filth left behind from the last six years. We are either reducing back into the 1880s or one of George Osborne’s twisted dreams…he is, after all, hiding behind the curtain as he stealthily turns Britain into a tax haven.

To finish it all off, this mess came from a referendum held not even a month ago…

To finish it all off, this mess came from a referendum held not even a month ago; a referendum held to somehow save Dave’s crumbling career and the Conservative party which, at the time of the General Election, was on fire. The EU referendum left the young and migrants residential in Britain voiceless, fearful for the future and outraged. Yet even as ‘democracy’ was demonstrated, with a 52% simple majority, Article 50 still hasn’t been activated and the front runners of the campaigns have all run off to hide. The Brexiters are terrified of implementing Brexit, and until MPs vote on it, the vote isn’t legally binding. Boris has gone to play some cricket in the storm whilst hate crime is up alongside xenophobia, the pound has fallen, Europe seethes in the face of Farage and the former leave supporters begin to regret their misdirected vote. Not only was the country lied to, but now is falling apart under austerity measures. The commanders of this affair vomited on our country and then left us, us pathetic, to clean it up.This glorified opinion poll has shot us in the foot.

The only strong politician left, in my eyes, is Jeremy Corbyn.

The only strong politician left, in my eyes, is Jeremy Corbyn. He is the man still standing in the blinding light, on the pages of newspapers and on television debates resilient and undefeated in the face of adversity. Whilst David, Nigel, Boris, Gove and others have slithered off into the darkness, he is the one who is still attending meetings, rallies, Parliament, and the people when we need a leader most. After the conservative Party broke Britain apart, he has 2/3 of the Labour Party backing the Remain vote. He is the one who brought four Labour Mayors to their seats: two being the first Muslim-Pakistani mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, the first black mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees. He is the one who brought over 360,000 more Labour members to the party in only 9 months. He is the one who has always stood for what he, and the people, believe in. He is the one still standing up to the microphone next to the left wing electorate, politicians and Labour Party that has now swollen with a furious rage. He is the one calling for unity, for calm and sensible thinking, for a rope to pull the delusional out of the quagmire.

What can we do? I say we need to act. It is impossible to complain about what it happening to your country when you watch it burn down idly sitting in your Butlin’s lounger. It may be summer, but it’s a swelter this time, and the people need to do something. Go to your meetings, galvanise, attend rallies, speak out and shout out now. Vote Corbyn. Make sure your voice is heard through paper, screen, microphone and radio. What this country, and the Labour party needs, is reform for Democracy in the most civil and respectable way. Let us not tumble into ruins: let us not ignore Scotland, let’s not allow the Troubles to resurface in Northern Ireland and England revolve back around to face civil war. This is not the 1980s, we don’t need to split our borders and communities. We need to work as a country to bring social justice along with democracy not tomorrow, but now.

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