Video: Bristol By Ferryboat


When was the last time you experienced Bristol’s via water? Ever been on a Ferryboat? Antonia hadn’t until recently and she recommends you give it a go.

A few weeks ago, when I came up with the idea for this piece, the Rife gang hopped on a Bristol Ferryboats and went out to film. Sun was shining; the weather was sweet. It was the most relaxing way to spend an hour, out of the office but on our doorstep. My initial plan was to come away with a deeply moving piece to use as a call to action to get you, our doting audience, to put away your bus tickets and commute around the city via Ferryboats.



I have since withdrawn from that approach. Sometimes it’s a little too cold and windy. Sometimes the rain is unbearable. I know that urging you to commute from the centre to Temple Meads via this scenic route everyday would be asking too much. Also, it’s not necessarily the best of ways to get around the city, as the whole of Bristol isn’t accessible via the Harbour, despite our extensive relationship and association with water. I get it.

I spoke to a couple members of Bristol Ferryboat team, Neville and Rosie and they gave me the lowdown of the service. The service has been running for nearly forty years and it operates 364 days a year, rain or shine. Neville thinks it’s a good way of cutting out the traffic during rush hour that is often not considered. A surprising amount of Bristolians don’t know it exists and considering Bristol is a maritime city, we can be cut off from the resources we have to our dispense.

Rosie told me that she thinks a lot of people don’t explore their local area. People think of a day out as going to London or Cardiff and not necessarily thinking about things they could do on their doorstep. There are a lot of views from the water that you wouldn’t usually get on a foot or on a bus.

The long and short of it is, get on a Ferryboat once in a while and experience Bristol on water, it’s really relaxing. Check out the nice video I made to persuade you. You can find out the routes and timetable of the Bristol Ferryboat service by clicking here

Still not convinced? Fair enough. Head over to the Rife Guide to find out other ways to spend a day exploring the city and let us know what you get up to on Twitter @Rifemag

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