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Find out what’s on Rife Guide this week, including a theatre performance of Pink Mist.

War is something that we always hear about.

War is something that we always hear about. On the radio, on the news, in the morning paper, in articles posted on Facebook. We’ve seen films about war, watched programmes about it. But what about seeing it, in front of your own two eyes… without ever having to actually leave.

The play ‘Pink Mist’ is in its final week at Bristol Old Vic Theatre, and it has received rave reviews.  It tells the story of three young Bristol friends who have known each other since school. Deployed to Afghanistan as teenagers, the play follows them to war and back again. But it appears that Arthur, Hads and Taff find that their journey home is the greatest battle of all.

The performance looks at the ways the three young men have to deal with both the physical and psychological scars of growing up in a War. And the family, friends and girlfriends who have to pick up the boy’s broken pieces on their return.

Pink Mist is inspired by 30 interviews with returning soldiers, and the truth in the play is what makes it so heart-breaking. Catch Pink Mist before it finishes this Saturday. There is a show at 19.30 every night this week, and two matinee performances at 14.30 on Thursday and Saturday. The show is suitable for ages 12 and above, and ticket prices vary between £10-£27.50. You can book your ticket here.

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