A Playlist For The Nocturnal Folk


For those who have trouble sleeping, Antonia has compiled a playlist to ease you through the night. 

Here at Rife we know all about the life of dodgy sleeping patterns; whether it be a result of insomnia, or staying up late working on creative projects. Sometimes it can get lonely, but also stressful watching the clock, knowing you’ve got to be up to get on with the daily grind but you’ll only be able to manage to squeeze in four hours of sleep — if you closed your eyes right now. I’ve been advised to use apps such as f.lux to train me to literally ‘switch off’ (my laptop), drink herbal teas or worse – ‘just sleep’. But sometimes it’s simply not that easy.

So I decided to curate a playlist for all the nocturnal folk out there for whatever reason, to ease you through the night. A nightcap if you will. This is a silky smooth compilation of tracks to get you mellow and relaxed.

Coincidentally, our friends over at Nocturnal Magazine are launching their new website next week, alongside the release of their fourth issue. The launch event will be taking place at Goldbrick House on Thursday, 18th February. The upcoming issue of Nocturnal Magazine plays with the concept of heirloom and we’re excited to see how they have explored the idea of objects and values being passed down through generations in a family.

Is there any tradition that is passed down in your family? Will you keep those traditions yourself? Let us know on Twitter @Rifemag

If your insomnia is a result of mental health and need further support, get in touch with Help Counselling and check out events like Little Miss Sunshine Movie And Mental Health Day at Watershed on Wednesday, 27th February via @RifeGuide

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