ACAB: Anarchism vs The Law


In this new documentary, Jack investigates the anarchist slogan All Cops Are B*****ds and whether the general public agrees with the sentiment.

It’s a crude slogan that paints the entire police force with one big negative brush.

If you know what ACAB stands for (Google it, we’re a family-friendly site), then you can expect to hear a lot of bleeps in this documentary. It’s a crude slogan that paints the entire police force with one big negative brush.

Growing up, I found myself surrounded by anarchists, activists, police and probation officers and I’m eager to find out what’s the beef?

I know there’s examples of police brutality plastered all over the internet but are all cops really like that and also is that more of a US thing than the UK?

I don’t know what to think anymore and I’m tired of being in the middle so I set out to ask the general public what they think and their answers lie below:

All in all the response to this question has been really positive and I’m glad that most of the public aren’t all doom and gloom in regards to the police force.

I know people will still have different opinions, and I still want to know more opinions.

So Rife readers and watchers, what do you think? Are all cops ba****ds?

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