Time To Vote And Make Your Mark


Bristol City Youth Council member Ella Marshall wants you to help decide what the most important issues facing young people are.

It’s that time of year again. The UK Youth Parliament want you to Make Your Mark. This initiative is the UK’s largest youth consultation, which takes place every year and aims to gauge the concerns of Britain’s 11-18-year-olds. Last year, 875,000 young people were heard and this year the UK Youth Parliament aim to make this one million.

The Make Your Mark ballot consists of 10 ideals, to tackle important issues, as voted for by Members of Youth Parliament across the country. Here are this year’s voting options:

• Tackling racism and religious discrimination

• The end of austerity and child poverty

• A living wage for all

• Reducing Climate Change at a government and local level

• Extended Special Educational Needs support

• Votes at 16 in all elections in the UK

• A Curriculum for Life

• Making transport more accessible

• Better education and services for mental health

• Increased funding for youth services

To vote, you must choose the issue you feel is of most concern to you. The outcome of Make Your Mark helps determine the UK Youth Parliament’s priorities for the coming year, with the outgoing 2014/2015 campaigns being mental health and a living wage for all. Additionally, adult decision makers on a local and national level do take note of this consultation.

You can vote here

Alternatively, many schools and youth organisations in Bristol have signed up to collect votes so keep an eye out. On Sunday 4th October, your very own Members of Youth Parliament and Bristol City Youth Council will be circulating Bristol City Centre from 2pm to talk to young people and collect Make Your Mark votes – so please do come and say hi. We want to hear from you.

Remember you can vote here

Let us know on Twitter if you’ve voted or if you know which of these issues is most important to you.

Find out more about Bristol City Youth Council and the Youth Mayors here

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