Saffron Records: Bristol’s First Female Record Label

Saffron Launch Flyer

Say hello to ‘Saffron Records’, Bristol’s first all-female youth label launching this month. Find out how you can get signed or even bag your first proper job in the music industry.

How would you feel if I told you that Bristol’s first all-female youth record label is launching this month? It’s about time.  Bristol has always been known for its grassroots musical talent and Saffron Records is the new kid on the block. Currently scouting the city for talented young musicians who are female aged between 16 and 24-years-old, Saffron wants to put women on the map.

it’s really about getting young women to a level where they have the confidence to go out in a male-dominated industry.

Label owner, Laura Lewis-Paul, states that Saffron isn’t necessarily a feminist label made to ostracise musicians who are are male, ‘it’s about gender equality, it’s really about getting young women to a level where they have the confidence to go out in a male-dominated industry’. Laura saw a gap in an already clustered market and felt something was missing. The musical talent in Bristol is here, but where is the support? Saffron Records will support young women in music in the form of signing some of Bristol’s most talented young musicians to the label and providing entry-level apprenticeships.

If you’re trying to break into the music-biz, listen up. This coming October, Saffron Records will launch an apprenticeship program where young people can have an alternative route into education and employment by working at digital marketing at agencies like ‘We are Plaster‘ and A&R at top label/agency, ‘Futureboogie‘. Apprentices will also be mentored by people with years in the industry.  Laura wants the apprentices to feel secure in a position at their age. ‘It’s really important to have the input of the young apprentices so they have the ownership of what is happening with the label’. Sounds alright.

These are some of the musicians playing on the night:

Sian Evans:

Nadine Bourne

Eva Lazarus

Sophie Ellam

Skrilla UGQ

If you can attend the launch, this will be a great chance to network and get your name out there. To those of you who can’t make it, Saffron Records is here to stay. Make sure you send links to your music online, or even meet up with other young musicians for a cuppa, build a network and  put yourself out there.

The launch is happening at Colston Hall on Monday 14th September from 6-8pm.  Check out the Saffron Records Launch Facebook page  and follow them on Twitter.

Are you a young musician or young woman want to work behind the scenes? Let us know who your favourite women in music are – @rifemag

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