Pick of the Week: Make Some Art

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Find out what’s on the Rife Guide this week, including a masterclass with a talented local artist.

It’s the first week of September and we’re trudging back to school and college with heavy hearts – but don’t feel too sad. There’s still plenty of fun to be had in Bristol.

Here’s a fantastic chance to raise your spirits and do something different on a Saturday – this week at Spike Island, come along for a free art session with celebrated local artist, Rodney Harris. Rodney creates amazing sculptures of everyday objects using interesting materials which people can interact with, touch and react to. He has an interest in geology, and was Bristol University’s Artist-In-Residence last year.

You can bring something along to the workshop that inspires you – a piece of text, an object, or maybe something in a particular colour – or just come prepared to get creative. All the materials will be provided for you, and you can use anything you like to create your art. This session is open to anyone, so bring a friend and spend a fun afternoon getting crafty.

You don’t need to book in advance and it doesn’t cost any money. The session is at Spike Island on Saturday. It starts at 12pm and will finish around 4pm, but you can drop in at any time. Full details can be found here, on the Rife Guide.

Planning to go to this? Show us the art you make by Tweeting us your pictures, or tell us what else you’re up to this weekend by tagging us on Facebook or on Instagram.

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