Clearing: You Can Still Go To Uni If You Want To

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Got your results and didn’t get into your top university choice and haven’t got any more offers? Yero gives you a step-by-step guide on what to do next.

So you’ve picked up your results and you haven’t done as well as you expected you would, it’s disappointing. It might feel like today is the worst day of life, but don’t worry – things can only get better.

You may’ve just missed out on the marks needed to get a place at your first university choice, and haven’t received any offers from your other choices – this is where ‘Clearing’ on UCAS comes in.

‘Clearing’ is a way for universities and colleges to fill any places they still have on their courses, it comes in handy for people who need to find another course. You should use the UCAS Search Tool to do this. Clearing is open from July to September, but we advise you to start your clearing application ASAP.

So what do I need to do?

1) You will need to register and make an application for clearing, including your personal statement. You won’t be able to add any course choices. After you’ve sent over your application, you’ll receive a tracking number via email (where you can search vacancies and contact universities directly).

2) You will know when you’re in Clearing when your status simply states ‘You are in Clearing’.

3) If you only applied for one course, you’ll have to pay an extra £11 to allow you apply for multiple courses.

Who else can I speak to?

You can speak to advisers in your school, college or careers office, they will be able to provide you with alternative course options too.

But my course is only available at the universities of my choice.

You may have to start thinking about other courses and it’s good to be flexible.

Shouldn’t I be talking to the universities directly?

You can give universities your Clearing number or Personal ID number, which will give them access to your online application.

You might even be able to get an inform offer over the phone from multiple universities, then you decide which one you want to go to.

You can also visit in person, taking a look around is the best way to see what a university has to offer.

What should I do once I get an offer from a university?

Once you’re ready to accept an offer, you should click ‘Add Clearing choice’ and fill in the course details. Once the university confirms, it will be shown on the choices page of ‘Track’ and you will receive a confirmation letter.

Let us know how you get on — @rifemag, and remember that this stressful situation is only temporary.

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