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RE: Death


Last week, Jon Aitken told us about the ten deaths that have affected him the most. This week, he’s been to see some shows at Mayfest, and has a lot more to say… ABOUT DEATH.

Last week, my video had so many comments, which was amazing. I’d vlogged about my reactions to death, and then went to see a bunch of shows at Mayfest that dealt with it.

There’s been a lot of death, basically. Death death death. Death. Here, I respond to the shows about death and reflects on how they made me feel about death. Especially after I’d already told you about death. I’ve said death too much. It looks weird now. DEATH. Death death death.

Here’s my response to the response to death that responds directly to my own thoughts about death [DEAAATH]:

Did you see any of these shows at Mayfest? What do you think about death? Shall we stop saying death?

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