Word From The Editor: Six Months Later…


As we say goodbye to our current set of in-house journalists, editor Nikesh finds himself getting emotional.

Don’t make me do this again

Don’t make me do this again

I don’t know how teachers do it, I don’t understand how they say goodbye to classes every year. It must be strange thinking, I wonder if they’ll remember me, I wonder if they’ll reduce me to a set of impressions of my catchphrases, of my weird behaviour and of my ultra-particular habits.

Here we are again – I’m sat here in the Rife office, with our in-house team of journalists sat around me. They’re joking about Sham’s brother accidentally dressing up like The Rock in this picture…


It’s hard to write something earnest about them while we all laugh at the photographic evidence, but I’ll try.

Rife has gone on from strength to strength this last six months.

Rife has gone on from strength to strength this last six months. it’s crazy to think we started on this journey a year ago with our first lot. And now our second cohort is graduating. They took the legacy of the founders and throw it up to new heights. We’ve doubled our Twitter following, we get over 10k hits a month, we have doubled our contributors, we have a regular well-attended hangout and the masterclasses are standing room only.

Voltron MovieInstead of telling you what they’ve all achieved, I’ll just give you one anecdote that sorta nails how I feel about this cohort.

Sammy had this idea to film a taste-test video of alternative milks. Before we knew it, Molly had brought in shot glasses that lit up, Sham and Jess threw themselves into set dressing and camera angles, even Jon (who now works in the Pervasive Media Studio at Watershed) was back in the mix, giving some tips on editing, taking part in the challenge, being one of the guys. I had this moment watching them all work, like Voltron (sorry, outdated niche 80s cartoon reference), where they were all moveable parts in a big machine, in tune with each other for the same goal.

They were a team. They were one. And they were four.

They’ve all been on an amazing journey…

Sham was one of the Bristol Talent Lab guys who steered us on what Rife should be when it was just a twinkle in the Engagement Team at Watershed’s eye. Molly, we’ve worked with at various youth events and have always been impressed by her passion. Sammy and Jess had contributed excellent bits of content to Rife way back when just because they wanted to contribute.

They’ve all been on an amazing journey – they’ve all done things they never thought they’d try. They’ve all grown. I’m so proud to have known these guys. I cannot wait to see what they do in the future. Because what they’ve done for Rife is solidify who we are and what we stand for.

So Sham, Sammy, Molly, Jess (and Hal) – thank you, so so very much. I’m ever so proud of you all.


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