Sammy’s Journey: From Zero to Jason Derulo

Model: Sammy Jones, edit: Ellie Cox

Model: Sammy Jones, edit: Ellie Cox

Here’s a tear-stained love-letter to Rife from our resident pun-loving pen pusher, Sammy Jones, in a lovingly put-together playlist format. What a soppy cow.

It was alright – it was a job.

When I started at Rife, I was working the 6am shift at a supermarket at the top of a really big hill in Hartcliffe. It was alright – it was a job. The worst part was being totally knackered out of your face. When you’re constantly shattered and trying to get another job, your creative stuff falls down to nowhere land. The Courtneys know, you should listen to them. I would have put Goldie Lookin’ Chain’s ‘Half Man Half Machine’ here to illustrate the automaton-like existence I had back then, buuut it’s full of swears and drug references. So, ONWARDS.

I’d managed to score, at last.

Although it’s probable I would have eventually saved myself from utter and unceasing boredom, routine and regret at M&S, getting the job at Rife saved me in the best way. Banging through a winning streak at rock, paper, scissors, a million handshakes and burning up a shot of pure adrenaline, I’d managed to score, at last. This is the song that played in my head when Hannah called telling me I’d been picked to be in the new cohort:


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not always 100% loved what I’ve been assigned. This is the song that plays in my head when I’m editing on Premiere Pro:

But this is what plays when I write something gloriously silly and other people find it funny, too:

Learning from everyone has been an absolute joy.

Rife has really helped me narrow down what I am good at and get confident in it, while simultaneously scaring me stupid that there’s so much talent in the world and that I’M allowed to be part of it. Learning from everyone has been an absolute joy. I’ve even managed to wangle a place to live out of it too – me and Jess are housemates now and we’ve amazingly managed not to kill each other between living and working together for two months. We listen to this song every night and dance around the living room, and sometimes our resident mouse joins in.

Some of the best things I’ve done include making charmingly terrible gifs, plastering together charmingly terrible Photoshop booboos, and being the idea behind the stone cold classic that just won’t die, the charmingly terrible Milk Vlog. Here’s a charmingly terrible song to listen to as you scroll through.

I’m off to write a think piece about why ‘Ridin’ Solo’ is the best song in the world, bar none.

How I feel post-Rife can only be described in Jason Derulo’s joyful falsetto. OMG THE CHORUS. YESSSS. JAYYYYSON DERUUULO. Sorry, I’m listening to it right now. Even though I dunno what’s around the corner quite yet, I’m stacked to the rafters with skills and I’m looking forward to whatever rears its head. I’m livin’ my life, ain’t gonna stress no more. You said it, Jay. Right, I’m off to write a think piece about why ‘Ridin’ Solo’ is the best song in the world, bar none.


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