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Source: www.travelodge.co.uk

Source: www.travelodge.co.uk

Recently formed a band? Don’t know where to go with it? This year, Bristol has had a good year for music and Molly is going to share with you budding musicians where the best places are to go as a young musician.

Rehearsal Spaces AND Record Labels

Basement Studios, Remix Academy and Temple Records all offer rehearsal spaces and studio time for young people in Bristol for little or no cost.

1. Basement Studio
Based at The Station youth club in the centre of Bristol, Basement Studio is open for all young people aged 13-21 every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7-9.30pm. Not only does Basement Studio drop in sessions offer rehearsal spaces supplied with equipment, they also prove music tuition and support for anyone interested. Tuesday nights also has a dedicated vocal session with Kizzy Morrell’s Studio 7. No booking is required and sessions are free. To find out more, visit Basement Studio’s website

Copyright: Molly Perryman

Copyright: Molly Perryman

2. The MixRadio Remix Academy
The MixRadio Remix Academy is based at Colston Hall and specialises in creative development for 4-21-year-olds, offering cheap rehearsal and studio spaces as well as general music support. Not only does The MixRadio Remix Academy deal with developing performing skills, Remix Takeover is Colston Hall’s youth-led event management group, learning how to run an event and help host stages at local festival Green Man and Shambala. Sessions at Colston Hall run weekly, to find out more visit the MixRadio Remix Academy site.

3. Temple Records
Also based at The Station, Temple Records is a youth-led record label that manages upcoming Bristol artists. Temple Records already has a network of artists signed to the label but are always looking for fresh new talent on both ends of the label. Being signed to Temple Records allows artists to use rehearsal spaces at The Station as well as studio time and promotion through different forms of media and to get experience in the music industry through performing at festivals and receiving professional lessons through music masterclasses. To find out more about Temple Records, check out this article: ‘What Is Temple Records?’

Concert Venues & Festivals

Bristol is home to a large range of venues from small jazz bars to big concert halls, but where are the best places to go as a young artist taking on the big world?

VYBE Fest is ran by youth-led events management team Youth For Youth and annually showcases local talent from across the city. Youth For Youth looks for young, aspiring musicians to perform at the annual festival to give new artists a chance to perform on a festival stage alongside successful local artists such as Laid Black and Tanya Lacey. Previously bands such as The Blackout and Young Guns have performed at the annual festival covers a wide variety of genres and is open for any applicants under the age of 25.

Source: officialsundown.wix.com

Source: officialsundown.wix.com

T.N.G at The Fleece
T.N.G (The Next Generation) hosts events at The Fleece to give young artists a chance to perform and develop in a professional music environment. T.N.G events happen regularly so the chance to perform is likely. To find out more visit T.N.G’s Facebook page.

Remix Unplugged
Remix Unplugged happens once a month in the foyer of Colston Hall as part of their Remix Academy session and allows Remix students to perform a short set to the public but to also gain feedback on their performance to allow progress. Remix Plugged is the next stage in this performance scheme and gives a chance for a Remix artist to support a local headline act in The Lantern at Colston Hall.


There are a lot of unsigned Bristol artists out there who are in the same boat. Making connections and getting tips from the more experienced can really help get a little further in the music industry. So here is some advice from young local artists already out in the big wide music world;

‘Just be nice to people and work hard and things will play out for you’ – Weatherstate.

‘Work on what it is that you’re good at and keep working on that. Mix with other people who do music. It’s not a bad thing to collaborate. Especially early on.’ – Tanya Lacey.

‘Have fun. It’s so hard to make it as an original band, you really need to be enjoying it. Play music for yourself and anything else is a bonus.’ – Black Elephant.

Bristol is a great place to make music; endless support and a huge network of young artists are factors to success. There are so many more opportunities than the ones I have listed. There are stages at St Pauls Carnival and Bristol Harbour Festival for young artists, youth ensembles to join – Remix Youth Ensemble, and even a Regional Youth Music Awards ceremony.

Know any more music hacks in Bristol? Let us know @rifemag

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