Eight Ways The Suspension Bridge Fireworks Were Ace

Fireworks on the Clifton Suspension Bridge

Copyright: Jess Connett

Jess Connett was at the Clifton Suspension Bridge to watch the fireworks. Here are eight amazing things that happened when it rained glitter in the Gorge.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge turned 150 this year, and to celebrate, the bridge’s Trust put on a pretty amazing fireworks display. There was music from Massive Attack, a kid named Brunel and, yes, a firework or two. Here’s how it all went down.

1. PRACTICALLY The whole of Bristol gathered in anticipation

Crowds gather by the Suspension Bridge

Photo by @eatdrinkbristolfashion, via Instagram

An estimated 100,000 Bristolians braved the cold to watch the fireworks.

2. Harry Brunel pressed the button

Fireworks explode off the Suspension bridge & are reflected in the water

Photo by @ellesrennam, via Instagram

Harry was literally born on the bridge, and his mum told quite a graphic version of the story over the loudspeaker. Ew.

3. Florence made us say her name

Huge fireworks explode above the Suspension Bridge

Copyright: Jess Connett

The first fireworks exploded to the sound of Florence and the Machine’s ‘Say My Name’, and it was gloriously uplifting.

4. Massive Attack made it rain fire

There was a genuinely spine-tingling moment in the middle when Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’ was playing, and golden fireworks rained down on the Avon Gorge.

5. Rainbow fireworks made us all proud

Rainbow fireworks explode on the Suspension Bridge

Photo by @pippajones91 via Instagram

Even better than a double rainbow.

6. The finale was massive

There was classical music playing and some absolutely enormous fireworks boomed and echoed down the Gorge.

7. We walked home to Louis Armstrong singing ‘Wonderful World’

A couple watches the fireworks

Photo by @oysays via Instagram

People danced in the moonlight and took LOTS of selfies.

8. Everyone got trapped in the traffic

Traffic jam in Bristol

Photo by @tbannister01 via Instagram

…no change there, then.

Happy birthday, Suspension Bridge – we hope we look as good as you do when we’re 150!

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