Seven Reasons Why We Shouldn’t Be So Scared About Phonecalls

Copyright: Ocean/Corbis

Copyright: Ocean/Corbis

Molly Perryman asks why are so many of us are scared to make/receive a phonecall even though we’re glued to our mobile phones.

For some reason, I hate having to make a call or receive a call to the great unknown. Maybe it’s because a lot of us spend the majority of the time on our phones communicating through typing rather than calling, unless it’s someone we know, which has led to a lack of confidence of dialling a new number to arrange a meeting or answering a phone call from a potential job opportunity. So, I’ve rounded up some pointers of why we actually shouldn’t be so scared around phone calls.

1. Some people couldn’t be more eager to answer the phone (when they know who is calling).

2. Remember that the other end of the line may hate the phonecall as much as you do.

3. People answer phones for a living. They aren’t as scary as you’d expect.

4. If you’re really that scared you can use your phone as an iron?

5. If it’s a salesperson and you are brave, you could always make a joke out of it.

6. Try wandering around to calm your nerves.

7. If cats can do it, you can do it.

I hope this helps soothe the nerves about phone calls.

Do you have any tips on how to handle phonecalls? Let us know @rifemag

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