Summer’s Over (I’ve Got the Post-Festival Blues)

Copyright: Brisfest

Copyright: Brisfest

Jemma Hill wishes it was still summer. Remember the good times? The halcyon days of festivals? She does. Only too well. She has the post-festival blues.

…bad skin, now weird coloured ombre, faded henna…

I have recovered. Three weeks after and I was still somehow suffering. The usual symptoms; bad skin, now weird coloured ombre, faded henna. You guessed it… I had a classic case of post-festival blues and as the festival season has come to an end now here in the UK, I know a lot of you will also be facing these dreadful symptoms from festivals.

So I thought I would set out and write down a few tips that got me and hopefully you out of that dark corner in your bedroom wishing you were back raving in the hot sweaty crowds and back into reality whilst still being able to reminisce.

I went to Nozstock this year, which is a south west festival, and had a whale of a time. I was having such an amazing time listening to bands I’d never heard of before and having a great time with mates that all the bands blurred into one and I couldn’t remember any of the names! Now do not fret! Some festival main websites will have a playlists of the weekend so you can relive all those sweet sweet memories. This is also great to find out what festivals to go to next year as you can get a sample of what type of music and vibe you’ll be getting.

Check out Nozstock’s playlist (CLICKABLE LINK! MUSIC!)

Now this second point is a bit of a boring one but important nevertheless! So to put it lightly we don’t have the healthiest diets when are at a festival; so it’s essential that now you stock up on the fruit and veggies so that you are in best shape for your next year! Not only that but a lot of the post festival blues I found was that I was  still feeling slightly groggy from the late nights ( early mornings) and pot noodles for breakfast, lunch and tea. So it’s good to boost your body back in to nutrition and also helps with motivation to get out of bed.

 …it’s good to boost your body back in to nutrition and also helps with motivation to get out of bed.

It’s time to let go. That festival band that you are wearing that has now turned a shade of brown needs to come off. I’m not saying throw it away- keep it for memorabilia along with all the other trinkets you bought but never  actually did find a use for. You can now move on but know that all your festival summer memories have been stored.

And if that fails then there is always plan B- whip out the pop up tent in the front room. (Beware of nasty festival leftovers – best to examine outdoors first!) Crank up that festival playlist you keeping on adding to and have a dance with your cuppa noodle in hand. And for genuine festival authenticity – wet wipes.

Feeling the blues? What are your festival memories? Let us know on Twitter: @rifemag

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