Off The Record: Off Colour

OTR Off Colour

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Molly Perryman is inspired by Off The Record’s new video ‘Off Colour’.

This inspiring short film explores some of events young women have experienced because of their skin colour and the impact these events have had on their social and mental health.

‘More Europe in her skin but in her body more Africa, it’s like the less pigment the better’

Recognising and confronting racism can be difficult. This video gives an insight to what it is like to be on both the giving and receiving end of racism in society and how it can have a much bigger impact on people behind closed doors.

I feel that mental health is a grey area that can sometimes be avoided. It’s not talked about enough within our society so I really respect that this amazing short film has been made to raise awareness of mental health and how factors we may not think, like racism, can contribute to someone’s mental health.

Off The Record is a free and confidential service in Bristol that provide mental health support for 11-25-year-olds.

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