Meet Our New Team of Journalists

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Rife Magazine’s new Young Journalists (L-R) Sammy, Jess, Shamil and Molly (Photo Vanessa Bellaar Spruijt)

A filmmaker, a popular vlogger, a DJ and a comedy writer team up for Rife Magazine’s second round of paid internships at Watershed.

Following a call for applications last month and a rigorous selection process today Rife announces the appointment of Sham Ahmed, Sammy Jones, Molly Perryman and Jess Connett who will take their places on the second round of paid internships at Rife magazine.

Sham Ahmed, one of Rife Magazine’s new young journalists, said:

‘Rife to me is the organisation Bristol and its people has been waiting for, something that isn’t cheesy, but actually something that presents a great opportunity for Bristol’s lovely population to have a voice, to convey their talents, get some positive vibes or to simply just have a laugh. I want to be a part of the team that ensures Rife is where it needs to be.’

In the very capable hands of the first four talented interns Rife Magazine successfully launched in June and since then has had over 40,000 page visits, 5,000 YouTube views, over 1,000 Twitter followers and even had a spat with British artist Jake Chapman on why young people don’t feel welcome in cultural institutions.

These paid internships give young people an opportunity to gain experience in a working press room, where they can increase their skillsets and create the majority of Rife’s content.

Sammy, Jess, Shamil and Molly will be taking over the reins of Rife from their launch team of Jon Aitken, Shin_LoveLife, Adibah Iqbal and Little Ryan to deliver Bristol’s most refreshing and original website.

Head over to Rife magazine to see what they’ll be getting up to over the next six months.

Molly Perryman, new Rifer says:

‘Rife is a place for the young people of Bristol to come together. Becoming a young journalist for Rife is very exciting as it will hopefully allow myself to gain more confidence by exploring deeper into the city as well as meeting a lot of new people!’

Sammy Jones, new Rifer says:

‘The misrepresentation of young people in the media really shocks me. I’m hoping to facilitate a change in how our younger generations are portrayed, and get some fantastic journalistic experience on the way!’

Jess Connett, another new Rifer adds:

‘This role brings together my two main interests – storytelling through the visual arts, and working with young people – and I can’t wait to see what amazing collaborations will come out of it. At the end of the internship, I hope to be able to say that I’ve done something that makes Bristol better.’

Rife Magazine’s young journalists receive a salary and six months of mentoring from Watershed’s in-house engagement team and access to equipment and resources. Contributors will also get access to equipment, networking opportunities, a place to showcase their work online and editorial help from the team.

If you’d like to get involved, submit your ideas here and the team will get back to you. The next round of applications for our young journalists will open early 2015. Follow us on Twitter: @rifemag to know when.

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