Bristol’s Best Beauty and Style Blogs

Shoes on a background of Balloon Fiesta


Need a fashion blogger fix? Forget Paris, forget Milan- Sammy Jones shows why you need look no further than our fair city of Bristol.

Bristolians are a fashionable bunch. Justin Lee Collins, Josie off of Big Brother, Wallace off of Wallace and Gromit… oops, maybe not. Still, this stylish set of bloggers should be enough to change all that. Check out blog-addicted Sammy’s list of tried-and-true Bristol beauty bloggers.

1) Lily Doughball

Lily looking delightful in a yellow coat


Lily’s blog is all about fashion, beauty along with a hefty side of food photography. Often bobbing around Bristol, Lily snaps her adventures as she goes so her readers can come along for the ride. In-between making cute clothing choices and Instagramming her dinner, Lily shares her crafting too. What an overachiever.

2) Being Little

Lyzi in a wonderful yellow jumper


Lyzi is the brains behind Being Little, where you can join her as she celebrates Chocolate Month with (what else?) chocolate cake, wonder at her European adventuring, and find out where she buys her adorable threads. Topped off with wonderful photography, Lyzi tries to make the most of every experience and encourages her readers to do the same. Babe alert.

3) Ship-shape and Bristol Fashion

SJ being a sassy lady in her glasses


A true authority on vintage, SJ lists the places she’s picked up her charity shop finds and has some of the best style photography on the block. Also blogging about books, beauty and boxing (!), SJ shows that a girl can indeed have it all (especially when she has a slice of avocado on toast in her hand).

4) She and Hem

The She and Hem team looking delightful


If you’re not used to florals, mind your eyes and maybe pop an Anadin as you venture into the wonderful world of She and Hem. A match made in style heaven, these two friends not only run one of the prettiest Instagrams on the planet but also put together ‘Double Thumbs-Up Dresses’, the ultimate round-up of dresses to die for.

5) Mermaid Gossip

Pink hair, don't care


It would be a crime not to mention Mermaid Gossip without drawing attention to Emily’s magical mop of hair– it’s babin’. Her vlogs share a slice of her hilarious attitude to life, and she even shares some tutorials on nail design and hair colouring so you can look like a unicorn too.

Have I missed any of your faves, or have you found a new one? Let me know on Twitter!

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