Ten Characteristics That Make An Awesome Teacher



Shin_LoveLife gathers information from other youngsters on to build the Ten Characteristics That Makes An Awesome Teacher.

As we head to high school, college and even university, check the list for identify the awesome teachers in your place of learning. For the bad teachers, direct them to this post, to make them more awesome.

I decided the best way to express these characteristics would be by using cat gifs.

1. Patience

A patient teacher has a better chance of getting along with “difficult” children.


2. Passionate

Be willing to do anything (within reason) for your students, because you love teaching.


3. Down with the kids

Having an understanding of what’s cool will help your rep.


4. Be Specific

Know what you want the outcome to be, don’t go round and round in circles.


5. Be Approachable

Don’t shut students out. Be open.


6. Be Disciplined

Or have the ability to discipline when the line has been crossed.


7. Be Confident

Even if you’re not sure what you are doing – pretend.


8. Be Supportive

Sometimes students need an adult to confide in.


9. Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy. Don’t promise what you can’t execute.


10. Be Authoritative

At the end of the day, you are the teacher so stand your ground.


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