Why Staring at Other Women in Public is Bad…


Adibah Iqbal has a confession to make, she sizes up other women in public  all the time. And that does not make her any less of a feminist. But does it make her less of a nice person? And where does this female rivalry come from?

I size up other women in public so much, I can’t walk down the street without doing it! Until I learnt why I was in a constant battle of female rivalry and now I’m on a mission to end it once and for all! Check out my vlog for Rife about the whole issue.

(Oh and by the way, although I may appear naked, I am actually fully clothed.  Rife is not that kinda magazine!)

Why don’t you try a smile? Let me know how it goes: @rifemag. Also, have you ever been the victim of one of those sideway glares? Have you done it yourself? Let us know.

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