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Copyright: Workspace Solutions

Luke Newman came into the Rife offices for work experience. Here’s what he thought it was going to be and what life is really like working in the high octane Rife offices.

The creative industry is an essential part of society today. This year I completed two years of Media Studies and requested to do some work experience at Rife because at some point I want to break into the media industry..

During my Media Studies lessons I learned that the industry is a tough business (or maybe my teacher was a militant woman. Who knows?). I expected my work experience to reflect that and that it would be difficult for these reasons:

  • deadlines
  • coming up with good ideas and executing them within the timeframe
  • multitasking
  • working with people who aren’t as cooperative

I was expecting the Rife office to be a board of stern men and women behind sat behind desks, a boss who is the spitting image of Gary Cole’s character in 1999’s ‘Office Space’. Suits, whiteboards, office jargon — the whole package. Nice, right? Didn’t think so… In that environment most people would choose an escape similar to Keanu Reeves


Or a huge boardroom with a large table and lots of people siting round discussing what their next plans are. Or a boring white/grey room, cubicles as far as your eyes can see and with colleagues that resemble Ben Stein.

But with reference to Nicolas Roeg’s book (and a ‘Final Fantasy XV’ quote) – ‘the world is ever-changing’…

When I arrived at the Rife office my perspective changed. I saw young adults with creative minds and positive outlooks.  They had cool ideas a variety of skills, and embraced diversity. There was chemistry between them. They were able to discuss a popular topic and within minutes they had enough information to turn it into an informative article.

There is never a dull moment at RIFE.

I created the logo below on my first day:

Rife avi

What are your expectations of the media industry? Similar to Luke’s? Have you any positive or negative work experience stories to share? Let us know: @rifemag

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