‘The Last: Naruto The Movie’

Image source: deviantart.com

Image source: deviantart.com

A new ‘Naruto’ movie has been announced! Could this be the last movie ever? Or could this be the end of Naruto all together? Little Ryan tries not to get too emotional about this one.

‘Naruto’ is an action/ fantasy/adventure anime. It’s one of the biggest anime’s at the moment and a heck of a lot of us teens watch it. If you don’t know what ‘Naruto’ is… it’s about ninjas with awesome jutsus, thanks for reading….. no but seriously, 12 years ago, a boy was born and a powerful evil demon fox was summoned to destroy ‘Konoha’. The only way to destroy the fox was to seal the fox away. The fourth ‘Hokage’ (leader/protector of the village) sacrificed himself  and sealed the evil demon fox into a boy… that boy was Naruto. 12 years later, the story of Naruto begins with him wanting to become Hokage, not knowing anything about his parents, and not knowing why he is the biggest outcast in ‘Konoha’.

First of all, check out how old Naruto looks in the photo above! This is probably going to be set two years after the third ninja war. It’s not clear what the story of the film is going to be but do you have any ideas?  Will Naruto finally become the ‘Hokage?’ Will this be the last ever Naruto? Check out the teaser trailer below:

So that’s the news. Sorry to burst the bubble, but does anyone else think that Naruto’s story has gone too far?

Photo credit: Naruto team

Photo credit: Naruto team

Let me just make this clear, I still like ‘Naruto’ and I’m not saying it’s rubbish but I just feel like it’s gone too far.  I used to LOVE ‘Naruto’, but it got over the top as soon as Naruto turned into a ‘Super Saiyan’.  I loved the original Naruto when he was 12.

Part of the story was about young ninjas trying to rank up and learn new jutsus and as for Naruto, it was about him training to become the ‘Hokage’. It was so sweet to see these low rank ninjas using low powered ninjutsus and Naruto using the same old ‘Shadow Clone’ jutsu. It was nice to see Sasuke learning the ‘Chidori’ and seeing him awaken new stages of the ‘Sharingan’ and learn how powerful the ‘Uchia’ clan was. It was sick to see everyone competing against each other; the rivalry was great. It made me want to watch more, and learn about the individual characters. But now, as Naruto and the team has gotten a lot older throughout the series, not only have most characters and enemies become A LOT stronger,  we have flying ninjas? WHAT?! Super Saiyans? WHAT?! Everything is on a massive scale, where I don’t even see any of the characters as ninjas. I mean, realistically, who can actually beat Naruto, Sasuke or Kakashi? They are so powerful, it’s like they are not ninjas anymore. I feel like the writers have given way too much power to way too many characters and have lost the plot compared to the old ‘Naruto’. Like I said, it’s still a great anime, but I just feel like it’s lost its purpose.

I would love it if they ended ‘Naruto’ as a whole in this final movie. I want the creators to start over and do a spin off with ANBU, where it’s focused on ninjas again, realistic ninjutsus and more realistic strategic battles to defeat the obviously stronger enemy. What do you think? Would you prefer a more serious Naruto where it’s more ninja based and realistic? Or do you like the modern Naruto as it is?

Let me know what you think!

Anime fan? Excited about the end of ‘Naruto’? Don’t want it to end? Think Little Ryan is wrong? Think he’s right? Let us know on Twitter: @rifemag or in the comments.

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