A new Dragon Ball Z Movie in 2015

Photo credit: Dragon Ball Z

Photo credit: Dragon Ball Z

OMGosh! A new Dragon Ball Z movie has been announced! If you don’t know about Dragon Ball Z, you’re not levels (sorry). It’s the best anime ever (in my opinion). But I’ll tell you what it’s about anyway.

Dragon Ball Z is a action/comedy/martial arts and science fantasy anime. It’s about a tailed Saiyan boy named Kakarot who came from Planet Vegeta. His mission was to destroy the human race. However, when he was sent to Earth as a baby, he was found by an old man called ‘Gohan’, who became his grandparent and raised/named him Goku. Goku was a destructive baby and was destroying everything Gohan was doing for him. One day, Gohan was walking with Goku on his back on a mountain. Goku fell off Gohan’s back, down the mountain and banged his head, which completely wiped his memory and got rid of Goku’s ‘evil Saiyan instinct’. As time passes, Goku gets older and becomes a super strong child with a pure heart. Gohan has passed away and left Goku the ‘four-starred’ Dragon Ball and this is how Goku remembers his grandpa, as he thinks his spirit is inside the Ball. A woman named Bulma trys to steal the Dragon Ball from Goku  and discovers that Goku is no ordinary child. She persuades him to help her find the remaining Dragon Balls using his powers and they both set out to find all 7 Dragon Balls.

What we know about the movie is that it is set directly after last years movie, ‘Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of Gods’. Someone collects all of the Dragon Balls, summons Shenron and makes the worst wish in history, bringing somebody  back to life. Who could it be?

Could it be Goku’s evil saiyan instinct?

Or could it be the first EVER Super Saiyan? He was mentioned in only one DBZ episode ever by Vageta. (Snippet Below)

No one is quite sure who it’s going to be, because, Goku’s evil Saiyan instinct is not a person. For hardcore DBZ fans, it’s said that Shenron can’t bring anyone back to life who has been dead for more than a year.

What do you think? Who do you think will be revived?

No, it can’t be Brolly because he is a non-canon character.

Photo credit: Dragon Ball Z

Photo credit: Dragon Ball Z

The story is being written by the legendary ORIGINAL Dragon Ball writer, ‘Akira Toriyama‘, just like last years ‘Battle Of Gods’. It was a shock when he announced ‘Battle Of Gods’ because he hadn’t written an DBZ anime in about 17 years! It seems that Akira is back in full action with his second modern ‘DBZ’ movie.

For more info, check out the Dragon Ball Z website and check out the new DBZ trailer bellow.


Photo credit: Ryan Francis

Photo credit: Ryan Francis

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