A Catch up with Javier SMI

Copyright- Javier SMI

Copyright- Javier SMI

Shin_LoveLife hooks up with Javier SMI to get an insight on his new EP and what he’s been up to.

Javier SMI is definitely in my top 5 of the finest musical talent in Bristol. So I had a little chat with him about what he’s been up to and a bit about his new EP release collaboration with hip-hop producer Ded Tebiase.

Check out his souncloud here and look out for the first single from his EP on 26th July 2014!

What’s the title of the EP?

The album is called “3D” and it’s a joint album with hip hop producer Ded Tebiase.

What will the fans get from it?

Creating this album has taken me to the next level as an artist. Everyone knows I tend to use old school and hip hop beats but with this project and Ded’s production… it’s got more of a different feel to it. It contains a mixture of old school hip-hop and today’s sound. I just tried to bring the two together; what I grew up listening too and what I listen to now.

I think with this project people will understand me more as an artist, because I touch on day-to-day experiences and personal moments I think people will relate to.

How has the two-year gap been?

Even though it’s been two years since I’ve released a project, I’ve been dropping songs like once every couple of months just to keep my name in people’s minds. During the two year gap, I’ve been experimenting, trying to create my own sound.

Have you stuck to your motto ‘No Days Off’?

Yes, it’s always ‘no days off’, and that’s not just with music. I work two jobs, then days I don’t work, I’m working on music so it’s literally no days off.

When will the album be released?

We haven’t released the date yet just adding finishing touches but the first single will be out on 26th  July so watch out for that.

A Message to your fans

A message to my fans (if I have any lol)… I appreciate you a lot because I’m just a normal guy telling my day-to-day life in my music and people seem to like it so thank you very much.

P.S This is only the beginning there is a lot more to come, I promise you that.

In case you haven’t heard his music; Check out two of my favourite videos of his.

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