Five Theme Park Stereotypes

Shin_LoveLife did some all-important people-watching during her visit to Alton Towers. Here are the types of people you’re likely to see at a theme park.

During my time at Alton Towers, whilst enjoying the mack daddy roller coasters like Nemesis, Rita and the new Smiler, I noticed that there are certain types of people who go to theme parks. Here are some of them:

1. The Screamer just screams just for the sake of it even when the ride is bad.

  1. 2. The Scaredy Cat who regrets decisions as soon as they make them.

  1. 3. Roller coaster Freak who is addicted to the adrenaline and will go on anything.

 4. The Observer who is just happy to ‘just watch’.

  1. 5. The Vomiter self explanatory. I tend to sit at the front of rides so I don’t get this in my face.

Can you think of anymore? Let me know @rifemag or comment below.

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