Five Bristol Bands You Need To Know About

The Cadbury Sisters

Abi Ward goes to three gigs a week. She knows her Bristol music scene. These are some of her favourite ones.

Bristol + music scene = an incredible result. We have so much music to celebrate in Bristol from great live bands to up-and-coming DJs, MCs, singer songwriters, artists – the list goes on. They are all out there making celestial music for ears to be heard whenever, wherever! As a regular gig goer, I’m a big fan of the local Bristol scene. I find myself at nearly three gigs a week! You’ll find new music at places like The Louisiana, The Fleece, Thekla, The Lantern at Colston Hall, and Start The Bus, to name a few!

It’s great going to a gig in Bristol. I love sometimes going on my own, knowing that I may or may not know someone there, and the fact I’ll be able to discover something great. Another fellow gig goer is a friend of mine who is known for his bouncy personality (and stance) Big Jeff of course! If you don’t know Jeff, you probably don’t go to as many gigs as you should. Bands – local and those coming into the city on a tour, they know it’s a good gig when he’s there. I guess it helps that he’s got a massive blonde afro and that he’s over 6” rather than my amateur 5”4 (but I like to hope I can dance around just as much, you should see my hair whip…)


My top 5 bands of the moment in Bristol are as follows, in no order of preference though cause I love ‘em all too much!

1. Idles

They’re in the midst of recording an album, eager fans awaiting the release of an EP (and then a second one soon after) these beardy boys have kept themselves under the radar for a bit but they haven’t slowed down or stopped one bit, no no! Below is a track of theirs ’26/27′. This is their best track on their last release – still a cracker and it’s a bit of a taste of more to come.

2. The Cadbury Sisters

Right, so these ladies happen to be actual sisters AND actual descendants of the chocolatier Cadbury himself… MY FAVOURITE KIND! Seriously though, these ladies have talent. Perfect in harmony, melody you name it, they have it. I have a lot of time for this band and I’m rid-onk-ulously excited for their album launch show on the 12th June. More details can be found here. Below is a teaser track off the EP ‘Close’ and it’s called ‘Milk’. Checkedee-check.

3. Evil Twin

Now this bunch are good pals of mine. Not only letting me put them on at The Lantern for a single release back in January, they know what they want and they know what sound they want too. Riff driven and big sounds. I’ll say no more…

4. Oliver Wilde

Having just released his second album ‘Red Tide Opal In The Loose End Womb’, Oliver brings something quite different to Bristol… the music he creates just can entice you and bring you into a world to escape to that you didn’t know was there. Go on, see for yourself and go find where ‘Perrett’s Brook’ will take you.

5. Towers

Towers, an almost girl band, this being with 3 lovely ladies on bass and 2 guitars and then an insane male drummer (his skills are outta this world!) This lot are also great friends of mine, going to creative music sessions at the same time at the age of 13, learning instruments at the same time, forming different bands and then playing together and we’re all still friends! So in a way I feel I’ve grown with them. Previously under a different band name but now more improved, and with such a matured sound. See them live and tell me I’m wrong!

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