‘I have only love for this city’ Adibah Iqbal’s Bristol

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In her first post for Rife magazine, Adibah Iqbal takes us to her Bristol.

Being born and raised in Bristol and knowing absolutely nothing else, I have only love for this city.

My background involves theatre, filmmaking and writing; I have used these passions on a number of projects. In 2013 I was involved in creating and organising a ‘Young Peoples Festival of Idea,’ this was an opportunity for young people to discuss issues that affect them, topics such as, class and education, Pornography, and social media. I have also had the opportunity to write and direct a short film exploring the many layers of discrimination for a local charity called Salaam Shalom.

Using my love of the stage I had put together a performance at Bristol Old Vic discussing the issues south Asian women face.  As you might have already noticed from my previous experience, I’m big on social issues, from feminism to racism. I will use any opportunity to rant and rave about what’s wrong with the world, and claim to have all the solutions for world peace. To me Bristol is the perfect place to do this, as this city full of discussions and debates, where else can you down a pint of cider while having a debate on feminism with stranger outside a club. It maybe a small gathering of feminist at a local café or a talk held at the watershed, but I believe that positive social change is in the fabric of Bristol as more and more young people are questioning social norms and creating new and interesting ways to raise awareness of problems using media and the arts. And that’s wheat I find exciting about Bristol, that there’s no need to attend university to be involved in discussions, all you need is passion and the interesting in knowledge.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I cant put it any other way, for me Bristol is a place where I feel free to share my ideas with others as well as finding new ways of thinking, and that’s my Bristol.

So this is what you can expect from me, a concoction of discussions, opinions and random thoughts.

If you want to rant and rave with me, here’s how:

Twitter: @adibahiqbal

Email: adibah.iqbal@watershed.co.uk

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