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Social Issues

The Decider: A Story of The Police, Roma And Football

Check out this short documentary made by students from City Academy about what it means to belong to the Roma...
Social Issues / / Rife Editor

Women Wank – Come Again?

Imogen on why the stigma attached to female masturbation needs to end.
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes

Important News: Your Exam Results Do Not Define You

Imogen has some words of advice on handling results day and life after.
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes

Do We Become More Conservative As We Get Older?

Imogen speaks to her family members in an attempt to find out why the older generation are more conservative, and...
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes

How to Hack A Heckle: A Story of Harassment

Following the launch of their highly successful campaign at the 2017 Bristol Harbour Festival, I met with up with Hack A...
Social Issues / / Euella Jackson

Five Reasons Trump Sucks

Trumps' presidency is controversial.
Social Issues / / Emily Gee

Gender: It's Not All Black Or White

Chelsey is sick of the traditional gender roles impacting our society.

Are Schools Lacking?

Saul questions what schools need to be doing to prepare us for the real world.
Social Issues / / Saul Bhaidani

Things I Have Learned About Being Mixed Race

Suraya navigates the trials and tribulations of being mixed race with this handy list.

Exams Are Useless (Kind Of)

Rita wants the way we do exams to change.
Social Issues / / Rita Bagshaw