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Grace Shutti

Grace is a 21-year-old writer, (sometimes) music manager by way of London. Since starting a music blog aged 16, she has found herself working in the music industry with and for the artists she used to write about. Her interests include long-form Buzzfeed articles, black girls doing excellent things and looking at trainers on the Internet.

BFI BLACK STAR: Ageing Through The Ages Of Black Film

Grace explores how we grew up on black film and what she learned about herself from decades of black cinema.
Film / / Grace Shutti

Preparing For The After-Rife

This is it.
Bristol / / Grace Shutti

Are People Of Colour Talking Enough About Mental Health?

Grace explores how BME communities talk about mental health.
Social Issues / / Grace Shutti

#0117: Grime From Bristol and Beyond

London isn't the be all and end all of grime so Grace shares some of the best MCs Bristol and...
Music / / Grace Shutti

'I'm Really Good At Internet Stalking...'

After realising how comfortable we are with online stalking, Grace considers the benefits and dangerous aspects of doing so.
Social Issues / / Grace Shutti

Kúnlę: A Conversation With My Grandma

After discovering her grandma's intriguing history when she moved in, Grace spoke with her and delved further into her life.
Lifestyle / / Grace Shutti

Bristol's Top Five Women In Music

After attending a Bristol Women in Music event as part of 6Music Festival Fringe, Grace shares some of her top...
Music / / Grace Shutti

13 Times Obama Showed Us Politicians Can Be Human Too

Ahead of the Mayoral Election, Grace considers moments Barack Obama showed his human side - an example she thinks should...
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Grace Shutti

From The City To The Suburbs: 'Where's The Plantain?'

Moving is hard for anyone, but going from the city to the suburbs is tough.
Lifestyle / / Grace Shutti

Hoop, There It Is

Inspired by the new year, Grace seized the opportunity to learn the most unique sport she could think of. She...
Sport / / Grace Shutti