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Courtney Rodrigues

Hi guys, my name’s Courtney. I come from a tiny village in Surrey, which has a bus running once every two hours. I work in a pub in my little village and absolutely love it. I had always believed I was a tea kind of person, till I fell in love with the coffee machine at work. It was then that I realised that lattes were my jam. I’m a huge fan of Disney and could easily watch ‘The Little Mermaid’ on repeat for days. I dyed my hair red, so I now feel super close to my gal.

I’m currently working through my final year at UWE studying English with Writing, whilst participating in a 5-week placement at Rife. I write about films for my blog, which gives me a great excuse to watch as many movies as I can whilst claiming it’s for research and very beneficial. I’m a bit of a Twitter addict, telling as many people as I can about stuff they probably don’t care about.