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Exams And Identity

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What Would Your Privates Say If They Could Speak?

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the itch

Season 1 Finale: Tom Denbigh

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Do We Become More Conservative As We Get Older?

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Alexie Vs Noodles

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Five Ways To Impress Employers Online

Euella shares five ways you can use the internet to increase your employability.  Ah, the internet.
Upskilling / / Euella Jackson

Playback Festival: Showcasing Films By Bristol's Young People

With summer coming to an end there is still time to get involved with exciting things happening in Bristol… Along...
Film / / Aisha Sanyang-Meek

Important News: Your Exam Results Do Not Define You

Imogen has some words of advice on handling results day and life after.
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes

Rife Tea Episode 4: Exam Results and Identity

In episode 4 of the new series, Rife Tea, Euella Alexie and Imogen chat about exam results and the pressures that...
Lifestyle / / Alexie Segal

Do We Become More Conservative As We Get Older?

Imogen speaks to her family members in an attempt to find out why the older generation are more conservative, and...
Social Issues / / Imogen Downes

Introducing Bristol Free Voice: A New Grassroots Journalism Project

Josie meets three volunteers from the new community journalism project for refugees and asylum seeking communities in Bristol.
Bristol / / Josie Thum

Is Your WIFI Connection Causing You to Disconnect?

Callum is convinced that wifi signals are making us more passive, sadder, more depressed.
Lifestyle / / Callum Gundry-White

Rife Tea Episode 3: 'Sexy' And Body Image

In episode 3 of the new series, Rife Tea, Euella Alexie and Imogen chat about poet Vanessa Kisuule's show 'Sexy', a...
Lifestyle / / Imogen Downes

What Would Your Private Parts Say To You If They Could Speak?

Euella asks our cyber friends ‘what would your private parts say to you, if they could speak?’ Here’s some...
Lifestyle / / Euella Jackson

Food Challenge: Alexie Vs Instant Noodles

New food challenge video from Alexie as he eats and rates nine different types of noodles.
Fun Stuff/Lists / / Alexie Segal